Weekapaug Tennis Club


Weekapaug Croquet 2020

This summer, the Weekapaug Tennis Club will host an open Golf Croquet Scramble every Wednesday afternoon at 4 pm. All members of the club, and their guests, are welcome. Sean Hartley is organizing the Scrambles and will be there to explain rules and demonstrate the basic croquet shot. Private lessons for individuals or groups will also be available. But with a minimum of rules and only one basic shot to learn, this is a game that anyone can pick up easily at first try.

If you’re worried about corona virus infection, Golf Croquet seems like a game designed to be played in these times. Each player only touches their own mallet (and disinfectant wipes will be available at the start of every game.) There’s never any reason to get nearer than six feet to another player.

It’s also a perfect game for Weekapaug in the summer. Any age can play from about age ten on. (You probably have to be ten, or at least a tall nine, in order to lift and swing the mallet.) There’s no advantage to being a man or a woman, young or old. The games are competitive and quick. An average game takes about 45 minutes.

Here’s how you play: there are four different colored balls (blue, red, black and yellow). Blue and black play together as partners, and red and yellow play together. If you’re playing singles, one player

plays the blue and black balls, but in doubles, each player has one ball.

All the balls start in one corner of the court. One at a time, players hit their balls and try to go through the first wicket. Whoever goes through first gets one point. After the first person scores that wicket, everyone moves on to the second wicket. Only the first person to go through a wicket gets a point. You can play to whatever score you want, but usually, the first person or team to get seven points wins.

Croquet Scrambles will begin on Wednesday, June 17. There will be an informal, enjoyable and competitive tournament on August 20 and 21. For more information, call Sean Hartley at 646-734-3854.